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Astral Planning

Coos Palmboom

Now that the end seems to be getting nearer for many, it is time to shed some light on what may be coming next. Death is not the end all of it. Our personal growth will not have been in vain. Very few things in nature are, have you not noticed? It’s a beautifully balanced system, well-communicated if you will. I know this goes against the reigning Darwinian idea that all striving is idle and doomed to either perish or survive a while longer. No blaming Darwin here, he seemed to have been a God-fearing man, but his proposals have been hijacked by all kinds of indecent folk who want to suppress and torture their fellow human for the satisfaction of some presumed superiority complex. Whether they’re scientists or money robbers or power-hungry fools, they collectively have turned our beautiful planet into a high-tech hell hole which is teeming on the brink of destruction. Animals are dying all over the place, microscopic plastic chips are invading and killing marine life, toxic fumes and edibles take care of the land species. Meanwhile the atmosphere is heating up or cooling down or perhaps both at the same time, nobody seems to know for sure but it is certainly a topic worth destroying our civilization for. And so, our lives have been thrown into a pit. After having been forewarned with a few unnecessary crises – this is how we think of you, simple souls – the rug is being pulled from under our feet, and since it has always been a magic carpet, our western society, there’s not much underneath to catch our fall. So, you take the jab to help create herd community, and after a while you start growing the unpleasant feeling you may have been had and a dark winter is indeed beckoning.

This need for destruction and self-control and ultimately complete reinvention of life on Earth does not align with the scheme that was set up to satisfy the soul’s desire for endless life. Reincarnation most likely exists. It’s the only way to get something going on a planet which can’t seem to move beyond the level of wanking chimps. Haven’t quite done what you once dreamt to be doing? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most people need a number of lives to prepare their souls for whatever comes next, Buddhist extinction or some new adventure. It’s actually quite a simple system. You die, you leave your body and say goodbye to your loved ones, you get to hang out with some dudes for a while and when your soul energy is running out, you get cleansed and sent back to the next body, having no other knowledge present than a vague sense of previous awareness. You begin all over again and maybe this time you end up with stronger feelings of eternity; eternity being relative, of course, but certainly a lot longer than one human life.

Unfortunately, there are complicating matters. As below, so above, or the other way around, however the saying goes. Seeing the madness we have created down here, the wars, the exploitation, famines and crisis upon crisis, now culminating in the vax death cult – what to expect up there, as people say when they mean the elusive astral plane which is actually all around us? Could be dangerous territory for the unprepared soul that has just lost its body and doesn’t know how to be without physical impulse. Might some jackass come along and lure you into their shiny heaven, or whatever it is you’re looking for. Considering that many of us are going to die in the coming years (unless people rebel), the old, the infirm, the obese, the middle-aged and eventually anybody without money, we might as well get ready for what is awaiting us.

As I have come to understand from a source* I’m inclined to lend more credibility to than older stories going round, the astral plane is not just the realm where the soul gets liberated from its earthly misdemeanours and recharged for the next life. It’s also filled with energies which have stopped playing by the rules and pose a constant danger. First all, there are the gods, experienced souls who at some point chose life on the plane over earthly existence and on their last voyage down managed to assemble a faithful following of mostly unsuspecting young souls whom they would meet and guide in their first moments of post-mortal confusion and despair, only to be subsequently devoured, their energy stolen and their souls extinguished, because everything needs soul energy to keep the astral body, a sort of sense of physical presence, alive. The most successful gods, Moses and his reappearances, Jesus and Mohammed, must have pretty smooth operations running. They may also have a court life, which offers an opportunity to daring souls. The rest should fear to end up on the wrong side of Odin’s banquet, once they step in the limelight. By taking it easy at first and not letting any presence come up too close until you feel strong enough to resist their persuasion, you can learn what it’s like being out there. Watch out, though, there are free roaming poachers as well who pretend to be all the hip thing but, in the end,just want your petrol either.

It’s not a pretty picture I am offering, I know, yet it’s the one that makes sense considering how population growth and an enduring belief in heaven have filled the Earth with young, unknowing souls who are easily manipulable, as we are seeing right now with the virus psyop and the social engineering following in its wake. The idea behind reincarnation is of course that we become better people as civilization progresses, fit to deal with the endless temptations that godlike behaviour entails. Instead, we have been children in a toy store. And now the store is closing. So, if you decide to check out the joint before you step onto the stage, you might as well do the same down here for as long as your forces allow you. Quit the show, honey, you’re done for anyway. Meditate, seek contact with lost ones and learn to unconditionally love the life you will soon say goodbye to, life in all its intricate details as also its grand scheme of things. Be humble and be grand, be human and god alike, understand why life must be eternal before you go.

Remember, the greater the loss of life here on Earth, the more there will be of us on the other side. That might come to pass. If we can’t trust what’s going on up there, at least we may stick together as an anxious but growing movement of premature dead who find their own way in the end. It’s the sixties all over again on the astral plane! And who knows, the so below principle may inspire our poor children to finally get rid of those leeches and create the idealistic society their wide-eyed parents raised them for.

*War in Heaven is suggested reading. If you can’t find it, write for a copy to





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