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NUMERO 123 - MAYO 2021


The Covid Era Survival Guide

Coos Palmboom

When it comes to managing the shadier workings of government influence on everyday life, the subterranean traveller has been somewhat of a close witness to sincere efforts at resistance, and I consider himan adequate person to turn to for advice on safely navigating the rough waters our world has been plunged into with the advent of the covid phenomenon. As by magical serendipitous happenstance, the traveller had recently stumbled upon an obscuresurvival guide, CESG, written by a certain gender-unclear Jahani, with practical tips for those who wish to continue their antiquated full-human experience a while longer. I was granted permission by the finder, that is the traveller,to quote some of its more poignant insights.

From the first page onwards, CESG makes it clear that the existence of Sars2 has totally lost its relevancewith regards to the way we handle covid and its many side-effects. What counts, are the multitude of barriers our rulers have put up in our way and which prevent us from living the simple and meaningful lives most of us were used to. Always led to believe in external danger and the power of authority to deal with it, many people these days are overwhelmed by the elites’ ability to serve up horror and fear without end. They seem enthralled by so much bad news and follow every mad rule with religious zeal, fully embracing their lifetime’s great disaster, a bit like WW3 but then without the fall-out. It is this mindset you must first get rid of, writes Jahani, as it renders you powerless to outside manipulation. No fear. Remember that nineties slogan? The chances of dying are slim enough to accept the risk without much thought. And if you do fall sick, intelligent behaviour and your grandmother’s flu recipes will get you a long way. A cool head is a first requirement.

Subsequently, it’s important not to follow any covid rule so as not to get infected by the idea there might be something understandable or acceptable about the whole mad circus. In Spain, the first rule to stop abiding by is mask wearing. Masks do not protect, as several recent studies have shown – if they did, you wouldn’t be able to breathe -, yet they can cause long term harm through the build-up of bacteria in your lungs, something which is especially dangerous for elderly people with their weakened respiratory systems. Cast them off, those face diapers, and open a window if you must, much healthier. The fear of getting fined can be ameliorated by the realisation that most police officers have stopped handing out tickets as long as you do not openly provoke them. There seems to be an understanding these fines will not hold in a court of law as the ruling lacks any scientific or logical basis. So, show your face again and throw us that smile of yours.

Jahani’snext tip may sound somewhat controversial, though I believe it is well-intentioned and would make sense. The author suggests anyone who isn’t at high risk of developing adverse reactions should get themselves infected with the virus. The positives are twofold: you build up antibodies against the disease and you help establishing herd immunity. It has always been inexplicable why governments worldwide would resist this natural and basically unavoidable practice of blocking the virus from spreading. Was it really only to offer Big Pharma a windfall or does Sars2 harbour dangers the public is not informed about? Overall death numbers suggest such dangers can’t be considered too serious, and anyone with a big heart is invited to do their bit. There is a caveat, though. Rumour has it that inoculated people may be continuously producing spike protein and therefore virus, making them particularly dangerous to anybody not yet shot up with the experimental gene therapy treatment which is sold to us by the innocuous label vaccine. So, be careful who you get sloppy with.

Avoiding mask wearing may imply for a lot of people they should leave their current jobs, as offices, shops and workplaces offer scant opportunity for following your own logic. If you have got any savings, use them to get you and your loved ones through the present ordeal with an eye on what the future holds. Remember, the more people engage in this practice, the quicker the economy crumbles and governments may be forced to end the mad show, as their goal clearly is to destroy only certain segments of society, mostly those where people are either self-employed or work in small family businesses. It’s always scary to be the onewho laysdown the gauntlet, but be assured that under the present circumstances the vast majority of the population would love to see all restrictions lifted and many may be ready to join in. The more we are, the sooner all this will be over. Of course, if you are able to make money from home through some form of teleworking, do so, as nobody should be forced into starving for the common good. A basic rule to follow would be that the longer you can hang on without a steady job, the stronger the commitment to resistance required of you.

Concerning covid care, Jahani implores every reader to stay far away from testing and inoculation. It is becoming quite clear that the gene therapy roll-out is a vast experiment an unwitting world population is often forcefully submitted to and, while at present no more people are dying from the injection than from infection, this may change as soon as the cold weather returns and all those DNA altered bodies start overreacting to natural virus attacks. This being the case, it would of course be best to retreat to a solitary hide-out which offers the possibility to grow your own food and generate your own electricity. With the threat of disconnect from public utility services growing ever louder, city life may become mostly impossible for those who still believe they should follow their own mind and heart instead of being pushed around by a bunch of malevolent psychopaths and their henchmen in government. Remember Adolf Eichmann? He was the one who during WW2 organised the train transports to the death camps in Poland, and a stellar job he did. In the midst of all the scarcity and danger that warfare brings, he managed to keep his trains running on the clock. After the war, he claimed he had only been following orders and that was probably correct. He had simply forgotten to use his moral sense. When I see our current crop of politicians and “health” professionals on TV, I can’t help but seeing lots ofEichmänner. Will they one day offer the survivors a “Wirhaben es nichtgewusst” for consolation?

Jahani leaves a sobering truth for last: do not pin your hopes on the future. There is no future. The covid measures are meant to take the future away from us. If we, as humanity, want a future, we will have to create it ourselves. For most people, this will constitute an insurmountable task, used as they are to following leaders. It will therefore be up to those who rather rely on their own gut feelings to take their friends and neighbours by the hand through leading by example. Whether we can be successful depends on many factors, most of which we do not control. If all this is not the sideshow of blunders and stupidity many like to see in it, but actually a concerted effort to get rid of a large swath of humankind, then our resistance may be too little too late. Yet what else can we do than resist going into that dark night meekly? Me, I’m not the revolutionary type and I’m often willing to accept the shortcomings of life on Earth plane as a given, but I was raised through circumstance and conviction in the belief my life, my physical integrity, belongs to nobody but myself and I am planning to defend that right until its final consequence.










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