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NUMERO 134 - VERANO 2022


It's the Madness in her Eyes

Coos Palmboom

Everybody is going crazy, the subterranean traveller complained. I can’t have a normal, reasonably intelligent conversation with anybody anymore. It doesn’t matter what we are talking about, people say the stupidest and most trifling things. Even the weather. I mean, people can’t talk about the weather anymore. Can you imagine? After weeks of rain there is finally a clear day, and people go, oh, it’s so hot. And when I say, aren’t you glad after all those grey days, they look at me with glazy eyes and don’t know what I’m talking about. I mean, it’s like they haven’t got any memory anymore. Not even the slightest. I find that scary. It makes me sometimes wonder, have I got it wrong? I can’t be the only one who remembers yesterday, so perhaps I am mistaken, but then I hear them say other ridiculous things and I know it’s them. It’s just there are so many. It’s an absolute plague.

When I try talking some serious stuff, say, the war going on in Eastern Ukraine, people say, war is no good, it must stop. And I say, sure, but if you just keep poking and threatening someone, at some point they will hit out at you. The same goes for countries. And they say, what are you talking about? And I go, US has been at Russia’s throat for a couple of decades now, and people say, what do you mean? They just don’t know what’s going down there, they haven’t got a clue. War is bad. Yeah, sure, war is bad, that’s why we call it war. We don’t call it fun and games. But there’s something like karma, you know, there is getting your comeuppance. You can’t just have it your way all the time and expect other people to swallow whatever you throw at them. That’s not how the world works. And people say, we are peaceful, our countries haven’t fought each other for I don’t know how long. And I go, then tell me why your country is one of the richest in the world? How did you manage to pull that off? And they don’t have an answer. It’s like it is, they say. And they say, that’s why we should always let other people come and live here if they want to. I go, so, it’s not because we destroy their economies, and they have little choice but to come and live among their enemies? Then their eyes glaze over once again. They just don’t know anything. It’s madness.

The worst is perhaps the whole covid thing. I say, do you realise your leaders have been trying to kill you with their idiotic policies? I give the usual examples, the masks that don’t protect, the tests that can’t detect how bad you’ve got it and whether you should consider yourself a danger to other people, like actually feeling sick, you know, and the murderous lock-ups and the torture of our poor children, refusing to treat people who really are sick and who then die because nobody wants to help them, and the few doctors who do reach out have their licence revoked. And then to top it off they push everybody into taking a completely useless and at the same time very dangerous injection which they call a vaccine, but which is something completely else. You know, the whole shebang. And people say, what are you talking about? Covid is dangerous and we are being protected. I say, no, covid is not dangerous at all for most people, and you’re being robbed blind. Do you even remember what life looked like before all this madness took off? And I see those eyes again and I know, no, they do not remember. They have forgotten pretty much everything. Whatever the reason, people are losing their minds. I find that very scary, but I believe I already said that.

People seem to have stopped caring, the subterranean continued. You know, putting personal relationships first. Now it is fear ruling their decisions, fear of non-compliance and the inevitable consequences it might bring. Many people seem to be losing their personality, not caring because they somehow have lost the ability to tell real from fake. They think everything they see is real, not realisingthe gripping, sensational storiesthe entertainment machine is providingthem with are completely untrue. And you live in this lie and the lie offers the opportunity to be heroic while promoting the lie simultaneously. And you accept, because everybody is doing it, it’s like a new normal.

I don’t think we should be taking this road which iscontrolled by ambition and power projection. It’s ugly and it’s senseless and it produces no Earth value. There’s nothing there that Earth might be profiting from, apart from a few deliberate restoration projects. I believe we are close to extinguishing ourselves as a species. So many people seem to be going to disappear or get modified into an externally controlled version of themselves, like street theatre puppets. The richness of human existence, the many cultures and challenges people face, is going to be mortally wounded. Human culture is disappearing, and our various ways of life will be utterly forgotten. You own nothing and you’ll be happy, remember that one? Whatever we whisper in your ear, dear.

I don’t want to stop this fight until it’s over, the traveller concluded, even if I may at times seem a lonely fool to be resisting all the laughable yet equally demeaning measures so many people obediently put up with. No, we’re not saving anyone by agreeing with our governments which have over the years become entrenched in conducting people’s lives – so many things you can’t or must do, so many rules that didn’t exist twenty years ago. And the last two years have seen a particularlysharp increase in behavioural dictatorship, or should that be dictatorial behaviourism? It is how it is, and don’t you dare whisper it ain’t true, so as not to be cancelled for indecent infringement.I say, please, people, let’s free ourselves from this madness. It is not necessary, it is not inevitable. We make it so, yes, that’s true, but we always have our free will – some say God given, others say nature deriven – to do things in a different way from what we are told, creating a different situation in which other types of decisions are prone to be made, which then will further stimulate ongoing promotion of the idea that nothing has to be like our self-appointed superiors tell us it is. We are human beings still, I hope, we possess a soul, we have a will, we are energy hidden inside an energy consuming machine called body. We continuously feel the need to express ourselves. Shall I tell you something funny? I see in fact a lot of expression of free will in people’s behaviour these days. The endangered mask free status, for one, makes people find new ways of showing their teeth and smiles. After all, you want to be remembered well when they lock up your face again. Don’t do it any longer, please. Let’s not get sucked into this monkey business. Resist. Be healthy. Don’t get diagnosed. Don’t get tested. Please. It would make all the difference. We can save ourselves by simple behavioural adjustment, pretty much like quitting smoking. Bit tough for a few days, but soon enough you start noticing the benefits. And no, there are no patches for mental strength, but rest assured that someone somewhere is working on a synthetic version.


















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