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NUMERO 99 - ENERO 2019

What's News?

Coos Palmboom

If you want to know what's going on in the world, reading the press no longer is sufficient or even useful. All mayor news outlets, through a string of ever larger parent companies, are owned by extremely wealthy investors who make their money by knowing what ordinary citizens don't know. Therefore, it would be very unwise if they allowed their publications to inform its readership about the truth of matters. This has led to the comical yet also tragic situation that most people believe they live in the best country in the world. Some think their country is the strongest, others that their country is the wealthiest, the most beautiful or the most admired by foreigners. And almost all of them think that their particular society functions on a higher moral level, whether through adhering to ancient religious texts or rather by embracing the latest technology. But we can't all be the best, can we? And we can't all be right if we don't agree. So what is really going on?

For a simple answer, all you have to do is look up at the sky. There, more often than not, you see unusual numbers of airplanes flying over cities and other build-up areas leaving behind them fat white trails which are certainly no contrails and which tend to thin out into floating veils. Those veils of easily fifty planes on a day tangle with each other and attract water vapour, as whatever it is they are spraying contains metals and other water thirsty elements, creating those unnatural milky skies we have come accustomed to over the last ten years. Some suspect fly ash, the very fine dust in carbon smoke which in the days before filtering used to be responisble for asthma and lung cancer and which is now collected at power plants. Others merely state that air tests prove thousand times elevated levels of aluminum, barium and strontium. This has consequences for our weather. On dry days those funny, metalic clouds seem to be sucking moisture out of the air while showers are sudden and forceful, with lightning striking for no reason. When after a period of dry weather the first rains fall, the smell is unbearable. Only sustained precipitation manages to rinse the taste of dead meat out of town. My plants are suffering and I need to protect their leaves against those early droppings. That's a lot of work.

Spraying also has consequences for the way we should look at the world. A quick visit to youtube and dedicated sites makes clear this phenomenon can be seen all around the world. Uploaders from Mexico, US, Europe, Russia, Australia and Argentina regularly offer direct footage of what is going on above their heads, while the typical oval shapes in the sky, more inkfish than cloud like, clearly the result of how the chemicals mix with water drops, can be inadvertently seen on news pictures from all over the world, even countryside Africa. It's everywhere and it's apparently meant to protect us, whether that works out well or not. While it seems clear the stuff isn't particular beneficial to life on earthplane, it obviously works as a shield against solar radiation, as the scorching sun is well hid behind milky veils on a cloudless day. The northpole ice cap still not having melted may have had to do with an extended spraying campaign in combination with limited warm water influx to create sufficient moisture.

It is clear that all governments of the world work together on this one and also that they all have agreed to shut up about it. If you ask, what's the funk, you get for an answer there's nothing to see. This totally absurd reaction to what is visible to the naked eye has nevertheless captured many people's convictions. It is very hard to bring up weather modification in conversation and one gets to carefully checking out trusted friends and intelligent strangers on being in on the matter, with scores worryingly low. Nevertheless, recent messages speak of governments now wanting to introduce solar radiation management as a novelty idea, while it's been out there for ten years steady and a good trial period running up to that. It's not exactly new, is what I say.

The fact that governments worldwide are able to cooperate at such a high level of execution and secrecy, sets the usual mayhem of political and economic warfare between nations in different daylight. Considering the odds that separate countries simultaneously have come up with the same remedy, if that's what this is, a remedy, you may wonder why anyone would bother to share their invention with entities our news outlets tell us should be considered as mortal enemies. Could it perhaps be that international politics is just a dirty game after all, a game for influencers playing with the lives of their subjects, people who are less apt at using technology to their advantage?

This brings us to a conclusion with profound consequences: the world's main power brokers are happily working together and the strife and rethoric the public are presented with is nothing but theatrics meant to keep our eyes away from what is really going on. War with Russia? Of course they are not going to drop nukes, that would be totally against their interests. Yet Hilary Clinton's continuous affirmations she would start WWIII as soon as she was handed power, made the American public choose the other freak. Likewise, the fear of open warfare between natives and immigrants made the French pick a bankster who went on to destroy the last remnants of social democracy, as was to be expected. On a domestic scale, Andalusians were willing to vote for fascist politics out of fear that Catalan independece might destroy Spain, whereas the worst that can happen is the country becomes a bit smaller. We are being played, constantly, and all you have to do to realise this is look up at the sky. So whenever someone asks you, what's news, all you have to do is point upwards and say: it's the same old story, it's the haves against the have-nots. And, as megabillionair Warren Buffet likes to say, the haves are winning. The have-nots, meanwhile, are fighting each other. I wish you peace and an open mind.











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