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NUMERO 113 - MAYO 2020


The Plot Against Humanity*

Coos Palmboom

Aye, ye wretched of the earth. Aye, ye prisoners of want, I will tell you something. When the size of the disaster engulfing us becomes apparent, we the people will be deemed to have succumbed to the fear porn a bit too readily, having accepted the story in all its consequences and thus fully responsible for any personal losses. We will not be compensated for our woke willingness to accept authority. Rather, we are spoon-fed ownership of the enfolding economic black hole event. This is how such circumstances are always dealt with and, notwithstanding the Grand Canyon type of abyss we are currently staring in, the powers seem to have chosen once again in favour of our dear implication, meaning we get to foot the impossible bill.

I believe this reading of events must be considered completely erroneousand rejected fervently by a vast majority of humans. I believe the people of Earth should be viewed to have been gracious and courageous in accepting the plight of safety first. They have sacrificed their livelihoods and some even their lives. They have done what was asked of them by people who demanded to be trusted in the light of unexpected circumstances. Trust is the basis of any functioning society. It was commonly around when people lived locally and has lost some of its lure in our globalised electronic community. At least, that’s what we thought, that we were mentally ready to step onto the next level of awareness. Yet covid has shown us a different reality. All over the modern world people have eagerly put their faith in authority, even when they felt they would normally not readily do so. There is a strong sense of togetherness, with all its responsibilities, spread out over the internet, and people have picked up on that. Yes, it’s dangerous, yes, we stay at home, yes, we are willing to sacrifice some more. Now we the people expect this loyalty to be met with trust. You cannot leave us exposed to the whims of Mammon when we have just destroyed everything we had. You owe us, global leadership. But will the leadership listen?

Judging by what they have done so far, things aren’t looking good. All their talking is about money and more lockdown. Everybody knows by now that they got it all wrong and that we may hope to be nearing the end of the first assault with summer coming. Meanwhile, new disease rumours are released hourly to keep us indoors a while longer and then longer. They really seem to be enjoying themselves, our leaders, don’t you think? It’s all those near-future dystopia films and novels in one for them. They’ve finally got us in the treadmill and they can do to us whatever strikes them as opportune. We have ultimately become the sheeple, the people who used to live in a sheltered reality where things were relatively okay, and who are now, completely disoriented, running in the direction of the clouds. We will be stripped of our identities and all treated the same, which is lousily, ask any sheep, and to our masters’ desire. Seeing where your voting rights have led you in the 21st century, I believe the time has come to bring this madness to a halt. What’s being done to us is no longer viable as a form of society building. After having lost our gravity in society, we the public are now forced to live in ghettos, with some of them easily turning into concentration camps, where we will be sort of kept alive according to what our designated carbon footprint will allocateto each of us our ration ofenergy in its broadest sense, including all derivative coefficients such as food and security and other calorie dense services. It certainly aligns with the most recent leader posturingfor scientific solutions. I read somewhere Israel has been doing this to Gaza for some time already, so they may have sold the results.

Well,ain’t that swell, this new normal? You know, there really is no need for it to be like this at all. We are educated people who understand that the capitalist paradigm has met its sudden end – as we knew it would always be sudden – and that we must bear responsibility for what is already threateningly called the new normal. It must be our normal. It is therefore time to accept that consumerism could not have continued for ever, that it could have gone on a few years more without this damned virus, but now that it is here or at least its consequences are here, we must make the most of it. And the most, that is not what our leaders are planning for us, sheeple. We really have to do this ourselves, on a local level and a regional level and a communal level and a world level, sharing knowledge and working towards common goals while enthusing people ever further up that greasy pole to slide down and join the meme. Because it’s working. We know it is.

How crazy must this get before we say enough? I see people wearing gloves and masks all the time when they are out of their homes, going shopping or walking the dog and recently their children again, some even in their cars. These people are not honestly informed about the dangers and don’t know what to be afraid of, so they freak out and live under stress, stress being detrimental to one’s health, as is the silent obesity plague. We should stop being afraid to get infected and start worrying about not infecting other people, and act accordingly. You will notice you can take off your mask most of the time as long as you do not deliberately cough in people’s faces, which in my mind is a minor danger. Put it on where it’s deemed appropriate, as in shops, and allow people to slowly come to terms with the reality of life with a virus, not the freak show put up by our faltering leaders but a deliberately correct assessment of our collective situation. I see lots of desperate thinkers voicing their concerns on youtube to a few thousand listeners each, so there is certainly promise out there.

We have been through this before, remember. Ever since the Berlin wall disappeared, we have been force-fed impossible lies with serious legal consequences in their wake. Every time, we traded a few of our civil rights for a promise of security, while in the end the threat always outsmarted security and rights were quietly disappearing. Nobody seriously spoke about them anymore. Of all the critical thinking and not so critical thinking that have sprung up around these lies, 911 is still the biggie, though covid is busy overtaking it. Funny, that in this screen age it is an invisible danger that threatens our existence. Such a sinister plot, one would think that only aliens could have come up with it. Let it be known then that the alien card has been stuck up the master’s sleeve for many decades.

But back to our road. There will be new leadership, surely. It’s only natural for some people to assume responsibility and for many more to accept and even support this, while an artistically inclined minority will be kicking against the pricks.So we shouldn’t be afraid of that and welcome it, but I think we should at least have had a taste of the freedom that comes when the old tyranny has been rejected and the new one not yet embraced. We should be able to believe we know what it’s like being free, no strings attached, before we grant a new leadership the difficult task of managing our plight.So don’t wait for your newspaper of choice to announce the name of the anointed but go searching for them yourselves. Have a voice. I don’t know what to say anymore. I’m open for answers.

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*The Plot Against America, by Philip Roth, tells about an effort to install Nazism in USA in the 1930s.









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